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Fleet vehicles one ton and under have an average asset value of being between $60,000 and $100,000. Our service gives fleet owners an asset protection tool that extends the useful life of service vehicles and drives down, manages and accounts for all maintenance and repair expense.

Fleet Advocates does an initial vehicle condition report for every vehicle and then maps each to the correct maintenance schedule that the manufacturer prescribes (available for each year, make and model at any mileage). At maintenance intervals and at the time of any service bulletin, any designee of the fleet manager will receive an exact and detailed report of what services need to be performed and why they are needed. Our reports also indicate components for which to anticipate repair based on known failures of the same vehicles at specific mileages from our proprietary database.

When any vehicle experiences an issue, our team of qualified ASE technicians will work with in-house mechanics or outside vehicle repair service providers to quickly diagnose the issue. Until resolution, we will work with the technicians to ensure the needed actions are taken at the correct price.

An annual report of all repair events including original estimate of time and labor and final cost, noting net savings realized by our service, will be provided, and may also be requested at any time. We also indicate in the report what our recommendation of the corrective action was and the time needed to repair the vehicle and return it to service were.

We work with any fleet management system so no change in process is needed. We provide clear, concise and correct repair supervision for less than the cost of an extra oil change per vehicle per year. See how we do it here.

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